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This weekend’s grand plan…

Butter cookies from the church cookbook? Perhaps.

Packing for a big trip? Perhaps.

Organizing my messes projects. Perhaps.

Getting the new blog relaunch off the ground. Well…

What are you up to?


We went to a recording studio tonight to…record some stuff. The studio was in someones apartment in NYC in a good sized apartment (condo?) building. The studio itself was so soundproof that you could play drums (should you choose) and the neighbors would not hear you. How’d the engineer do that? He built a room inside a room. The apartment had very high ceilings so he added a soundproofing layer on the ceiling, walls and then floor – it’s roughly an extra foot all the way around. He put sheetrock over the ceiling and walls (even crown molding!) and then put down hard wood floors on top of the floor. He built windows on top of the windows. Such an awesome setup. You can see the room inside a room in these pictures – look at the double doors and the window casement to see the thickness.


The guy who owned the studio had a dog named Betty. OMG. I am so in love with her. So cuddly! So happy! So tail-wagony fun! All you had to do was say “Betty!”and she would literally leap into your lap and cuddle up. I got at least 2 hours of good cuddlin’ in.


I think Betty is a corgi/daschund mix. Sweetest disposition. The engineer found her at Animal Control in Harlem 3 years ago. We renamed the studio ElectricBettyLand. You understand…


Fiance has been playing with new photography software application. Each photo is more traumatizing than the last one. This one made me burst out laughing. His caption on the photo is:

my parents are from easter island, but i was born here

Alex & Coraline…

Our friend Alex is from Russia. He loves to make fun of our silly American customs and we also tease him mercilessly. That man has never met a condiment he didn’t like. Seriously, if he puts less than 5 condiments on an item it’s a shock. Anyway, last night he came over for dinner. After dinner Alex continued to forage around in the fridge, he found a jar of pickles. Did I mention that his stomach is also a bottomless pit? Sorry, I got sidetracked…so he’s eating the pickles and he’s moaning on and on about how glorious they are. Neither the Fiance nor I actually liked the pickles so we told him to take the jar home with him so they wouldn’t be wasted. Alex felt the jar itself was too much of a problem to carry home so he insisted on putting the pickles, juice n all into a ziploc bag. He then put the bag of pickles in his coat pocket and merrily went on his way. The Fiance and I just looked at each other and giggled. Alex is quite the character.

In other news, we went to a petstore tonight to see the shelter kitties. Unfortunately we didn’t find the little girl of our dreams. Still on the hunt. She’s out there somewhere. Which brings me to the film Coraline. We FINALLY saw it tonight. Of course now the Fiance is fixated on naming the kitty Coraline. Too many syllables for a kitty says me!


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